We craft precision tailored workplace furniture of enduring quality, backed by a genuine dedication to service. Bringing your vision to life is our specialty and our passion. 



A Passion for Excellence Since 1977

We've been making well-designed, well-crafted workplace furniture for over forty years. Founder Peter Conway, established HALCON in 1977 with a desire to produce the best wood furniture in the industry. HALCON's continued success is rooted firmly in a culture of quality, innovation and a commitment to long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers, and employees. Today, we are an award-winning, Minnesota company with a passion for excellence.

HALCON Headquarters building

HALCON Headquarters

'HALCON is committed to total customer satisfaction on every project, from initial concept through post-installation, whether it is a single office or the most prestigious build-out'
Ben Conway  |  HALCON President




Endless Customization

Our project management, engineering, and manufacturing systems have all been designed to optimize flexibility so we can be as responsive, efficient, and creative as possible. In other words, we're custom-built to perfectly execute all of your custom details, no matter what they are. One office or one-thousand, we handle every project with pride and every piece with precision craftsmanship.

Dedicated Project Team

Your project experience is led by a dedicated, in-house project manager. We provide detailed quotations, shop drawings, custom finish samples, and timelines to keep your project on track. HALCON anticipates challenges, generates ideas, and provides creative solutions at every step. We also pair your project manager with an experienced local HALCON representative. Combining a single point-of-contact at our facility with a strong local presence and an Open Line Dealer Network ensures the highest level of total service to our clients.



Genuine Craftsmanship

Genuine craftsmanship is blended with modern manufacturing processes to deliver the best quality products to our clients.

Hand-selected wood veneers are laid-up one office suite at a time, perfectly balanced and matched by skilled artisans. State-of-the-art manufacturing software tracks each unique part as it moves through our factory, each piece precision cut on sophisticated machinery. Millworkers clamp dowel-and-glue casework, hand-fit miters and hand-sand solid wood to ensure a perfect fit and precise detailing. Finishers skillfully apply wood stains to perfectly sanded veneers, resulting in a durable finish that enhances the inherent natural beauty of wood.



"From the time I was a child all my free hours have been spent in the woods and fields or along the streams of Southern Minnesota. My photography is inspired by my deep personal connection with the land and it's natural inhabitants. HALCON's commitment to good stewardship and environmentalism is neither new nor driven by market trends, but rather part of our core philosophy that has been present since the inception of the company."


Peter Conway  |  Founder



HALCON is a team. We are hard-working and highly-skilled. We take pride in our work and our reputation. We value and respect craftsmanship, design, and innovation. We strive to be the best.

  • Ben Conway President & CEO

    507 533 9107

    • Husband and father of four
    • Dreams about furniture
    • Drinks coffee from a superhero mug
  • Adam Wright VP of Finance & HR

    507 533 9124

    • Sleeps in a hammock when camping
    • Has a hole-in-one. No, not putt-putt golf either!
    • Enjoys home improvement projects
  • Bill Hildebrand VP of Sales

    507 533 9136

    • Married and co-dad to two Hungarian Vizslas, Niko and Jordy
    • Rarely goes a day without eating avocado
    • Dreams of designing and building a house from scratch someday
  • Jon Knutson VP of Engineering

    507 533 9116

    • Geocaching fanatic
    • Enjoys adventure sports, physics, and musical productions
    • Father of two great kids
  • Mark O'Byrne VP of Information Systems

    507 533 9119

    • Proud husband and father of two
    • Sole member of alternative rock band Dark Arcade
    • RPG video game enthusiast and Lord of the Rings collector
  • Paul Di Laura Senior VP

    507 533 9106

    • Over 30 years with HALCON
    • Superior mushroom hunter and master gardener (in his own mind)
    • Avid motorcyclist
  • Aaron McNallan National Sales Director

    507 533 9108

    • Husband, father of two daughters
    • Sports enthusiast and die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan
    • Enjoys a good card game
  • Aaron Miller Supply Manager

    507 533 1779

    • Snowboarded several different mountains including a volanco (Yes, still active)
    • Enjoys backpacking and being out in nature
    • Won't say no to a good brewery
  • Amanda Larson Senior Project Manager

    507 533 9129

    • Wife and mother to 2 boys
    • History buff, podcast junkie & boardgame enthusiast
    • Loves to experiment with new recipes
  • Anthony Keseley Veneer Specialist


    • Avid woodworker and wood nerd (even fumes his own oak)
    • Enjoys canoeing, camping, skiing, hiking, and playing guitar
    • Father of two
  • Brady Bergey Estimating Manager

    507 533 1744

    • Happy to spend every spare minute with my wife, daughter and son
    • Looks for any excuse to be outside
    • Head cook of a competition BBQ team consisting of my dad and brothers
  • Brian Bleess Project Manager

    507 533 1861

    • Father of 5 and proud grandfather of 4
    • Loves the outdoors and traveling
    • Thoroughly enjoys history, outer space, model trains and Star Wars
  • Bryan Cornell Quality Manager

    507 533 1741

    • Husband, father of 2 boys and 1 daughter
    • Expert Star Wars Lego builder
    • Enjoys camping, fishing, and golf
  • Caleb Maughan Project Manager

    507 533 1811

    • Loving and loved husband and cat-dad
    • Avid watcher of all sports international and domestic
    • Aspiring Brewmaster
  • Camila Nordby Project Manager

    507 533 1869

    • Wife and stepmother of one girl
    • Born and raised in Brazil
    • Passionate about the ocean
  • Christine Benschoter HR Manager

    507 533 9120

    • Wife and mom of 3 girls (my poor husband)
    • Avid MN Vikings Fan---SKOL!
    • Loves to go camping
  • Christopher Conlon Senior Supply Manager

    507 533 1767

    • 1 wife, 5 daughters, 2 sons, 2 horses, and 10 goats
    • Once needed reconstructive face surgery after a rugby game
    • Enjoys guitar, golf, LoTR, and Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy
  • David Schneider Creative Director

    507 533 9127

    • Avid gardener, preparer and consumer of foods
    • Enjoys everything about guitars
    • Father to three, husband to one
  • Jacob Snowbarger Product Development Mgr

    507 533 1766

    • Trout enthusiast
    • Strange food and wine aficionado
    • Bibliophile and attempted polymath
  • John Diedrich Senior Project Manager

    507 533 9104

    • Twenty years in sales and customer service
    • Husband of one and father of four
    • Runs with horses
  • Kevin Bell Senior supply manager

    507 533 1791

    • Married, empty nester with 3 kids and 4 grand kids
    • Loves the great outdoors and sports
    • Bad day of fishing beats a good day at work
  • Kevin Hampton Project Manager

    507 533 9275

    • Devoted Fiancée and father of four great kids
    • Harley Davidson collector and enthusiast
    • Hot pepper connoisseur
  • Matt Neumann Senior supply manager

    507 533 1775

    • Happily married for over 15 years and father of 2 sons & 2 daughters
    • Enjoys the great outdoors, playing sports, & working on small engines
    • Have run 2 full marathons
  • Michael Schrimpf Senior supply manager

    507 533 1853

    • Video game enthusiast
    • Loves to travel
    • Little bit of a wine snob
  • Pat Rooney Director, Supply Management

    507 533 1872

    • Father of 2 amazing kiddos
    • Enjoys experimenting in the kitchen
    • Was on the Jerry Springer show once… in the audience
  • Sam Jonas Senior Project Manager

    507 533 1760

    • Proud dog / cat parent along with my Wife
    • Disc golf enthusiast
    • Huge sports fan, any sport
  • Sheena Frana Senior Project Manager

    507 533 9138

    • Wife and mother of two adorable gremlins
    • Loves to travel, snowboard, and garden
    • Farm girl at heart who enjoys driving antique tractors
  • Steve Farnsworth Maintenance Director

    507 533 1838

    • Served as a US Marine stationed in Okinawa
    • Likes Camping and off-roading
    • Enjoys racing in the deserts of the Southwest and Baja peninsula
  • Tyler Linbo Human Resources

    507 533 1836

    • UW-Stout graduate
    • Avid sports fan
    • Significant other thinks he’s funny
  • Benny Machining

    • Sings karaoke
    • Likes old cars and road trips
    • Over 25 years of service
  • Cindy Senior Manufacturing Manager

    • Loves hot weather, the hotter the better!
    • Has to have her Pepsi in the morning
    • Has 2 daughters & an ADORABLE grandson!
  • Dan Milling

    • Over twenty-five years of service
    • Loves to work with wood
    • Loves Belgian horses
  • Jeff Senior Production Control

    • Over twenty-five years of service
    • Likes to travel
    • Likes riding motorcycles
  • Jim Milling

    • Over twenty-five years of service
    • Happily married to his beautiful wife Gunell
    • Hunter, fisherman, motorcyclist, gardner. Loves Blue Birding.
  • Joe Manufacturing Manager

    • Road trips with his better half of twenty years to new places, near and far.
    • Favorite activities are fishing, skeet and trap shooting, and hunting.
    • Outdoor cooking on the BBQ or in the smoker makes any day great.
  • Joel Senior Manufacturing Manager

    • Five-time HALCON Fantasy Football League Champion
    • Youth basketball coach
    • Father of three girls
  • Katie Accountant

    • My family is my world
    • Love reading, hanging out with my family & the outdoors
    • Enjoy wearing bright blue, purple, and pink colors
  • Keith Machining

    • Over twenty-five years of service
    • Loves gardening and bird watching
    • Big John Wayne movie fanatic
  • Kellie Manufacturing

    • Over 20 years of service
    • Has 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren
    • Loves to travel & is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan!
  • Larry Machining

    • Over thirty years of service
    • Life member of the NRA & NAHC
    • Enjoys hunting, canoeing, bowling, and driving trucks
  • Matt Finishing

    • Over twenty-five years of service
    • Husband with one son and three step-children
    • Loves the outdoors and time with family
  • Phil Drafting Manager

    • Proud Dad of 7... yes, 7
    • Crazy motorcyle lover
    • Go Vikes!
  • Rafael Machining

    • Sí se puede
    • Loves the Seahawks
    • Family man
  • Rick Continuous Improvement

    • Over twenty years of service
    • Hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman
    • Loves a good laugh
  • Ron Manufacturing Manager

    • Father of two
    • Loves to cook, especially on the grill
    • Enjoys the quiet of the great outdoors
  • Scott Manufacturing Engineer

    • Avid whitetail bowhunter
    • Black Belt in Taekwondo
    • Enjoys the outdoors and camping with his wife
  • Stan Veneering

    • Enjoys motorcycle riding
    • Fisherman & hunter
    • Over thirty-five years with HALCON
  • Steve Senior Manufacturing Manager

    • Husband and father of two
    • Bowhunter and fisherman
    • Beer aficianado, master of smoked meats, and Green Bay Packer fan
  • Tim Inventory

    • Fled Wisconsin at the age of 23 to pursue a career in nacho artistry
    • Known as "Whiffle-Balls" in the Southwest
    • Attempts at humor usually fall flat