Sessions is a beautiful collection of conference tables with a variety of surface, base, and technology options. Surfaces are available in a wide array of material finishes and edge profiles. A range of base styles and finishes pair perfectly with Session surfaces to create your desired aesthetic. Add power and data connectivity seamlessly to any table solution.

Sessions offers simplicity in specification with limitless possibilities.


Wood  |  Laminate  | Glass

Round | Square  | Soft Square

Elliptical  | Rectangular  | Soft Rectangular



Canted  |   Panel

Trumpet  |  Disc  |  Prong  |  Scissor  |   'Y'


No Power  |  Dual Flip Power Bay  | Surface Power  | Surface Grommet




Creating innovative solutions with thoughtful engineering and refined aesthetics, HALCON Design is our in-house team of the furniture-obsessed.



We begin by hand-selecting premium grade wood veneers from sustainable, managed forests. Veneer lay-up is then performed in-house by skilled artisans, where it is sequence-matched and balanced one office at a time for the best, most beautiful veneer match possible. We'll also match any finish for your project on these domestic veneers for no additional charge, just ask.

Our finishes are applied to precisely sanded wood product, with stains and pigments formulated for clarity and depth that enhance the natural beauty of wood. Our Certified Green polyurethane top coat is clear and durable, resulting in a quality finish that will hold its beauty and value for the life of your fine furniture. The following veneers are available at at premium price:

Chemcolor delivers rich, beautiful color in solid hues or metallic tones. Chemcolor is environmentally conscious and MAS Certified Green, just like our wood finishes. We'll also match your favorite color on any order, just ask

Sessions metal bases are fabricated with precision in quality steel.

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